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Replacing your single-pane windows allows you to reap some pretty big benefits quickly for a modest investment.

Mentor Window can...

  • increase the value of your home
  • increase comfort
  • reduce condensation
  • cut ultraviolet rays
  • increase light
  • reduce heating and air conditioning costs

Homes with new energy-efficient windows are attractive to prospective buyers. Replacement costs are recouped at 70-80% of the cost to replace them. Energy efficiency also allows maintaining a constant comfortable temperature. New energy-efficient windows pay for themselves. Reduced condensation on window panes and sills in turn reduces molds and mildew, which is a leading cause of allergies in the home.

Energy-efficient windows can result in reduced demand for cooling and heating too. With some models, it may be possible to reduce the size required for heating and air conditioning systems by as much as 30%.

Here are some of the products we use:

Since replacing your windows should never be a do-it-yourself project, choosing the right dealer is critical. Our dealers are some of the very best and most knowledgeable in the business. Many of them are authorized energy saving glazing specialists.

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